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Red alert

First launched by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) in 2012, the Global Terrorism Index (G.T.I) ranks countries by the impact of terrorist activities as well as analyzing the economic and social dimensions associated with terrorism. The index scores 162 countries, covering 99.6% of the world's population,

The index for 2014 released few days back ranks Iraq with 10 points as the country most impacted by terrorism. While UK and U. S rank at 27 and 30 respectively Sri Lanka is number 36.

As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, this is very good news. A country which was affected by terrorism for over thirty years now finds it a peaceful place.

But the same report includes Sri Lanka among the thirteen countries where there are currently low levels of activity but based on measuring various political, violence and group relationship indicators, are facing a greater risk of substantial terrorist activity.

This should be taken seriously by Sri Lanka as there are requests /demands from various local and international agencies to withdraw the troops from certain areas which were seriously affected by terrorist activity. The fact that the government did not heed their requests/demands seem to be very sensible and far-sighted. This is something which should be non-negotiable with any local or foreign party.

C. B. Punchibandara


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