Top ballistics expert on Kadirgamar assassination
Killer used a Chinese T 85 silenced gun


by Shamindra Ferdinando

Responding to Senior DIG Nimal Lewke’s comments on the assassination of Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar in August 2005, former Government Analyst Dr. Ananda Mendis said that the assassin had used a Chinese T-85 Silenced (S) weapon to assassinate the Minister.

Sri Lanka’s top ballistics expert said that he had told the police of the possibility of Chinese T-85 S being used in the assassination after the then SSP Sarath Lugoda, the senior officer in charge of the inquiry made available the required information.

In an interview with The Island recently, Lewke discussed VIP security and the chance recovery and identification of the weapon used in Kadirgamar killing.

Dr. Mendis said that at the time of Kadirgamar’s assassination, he hadn’t been in the service, though he was interested in the case. Asked whether he knew any other incident where a similar weapon was used by the LTTE, Dr. Mendis answered in the negative.

Retired DIG Lugoda told The Island that the weapon had been found by a civilian in the Chilaw police area some time after the assassination. Lugoda said that those involved in the assassination, including the killer had managed to flee to the then LTTE-held area.

Dr. Mendis said that he had been proved right following the chance recovery of the weapon.

The LTTE had acquired a range of weapons from China, including several silenced weapons. Military sources said that those involved in clandestine operations had been issued with dedicated weapons. According to a report obtained by The Island from Army Headquarters, during the Eelam War IV troops recovered 34 sniper guns, 19 silenced guns, five .38 silenced revolvers, two silenced pistols and 167 micro pistols.

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