President’s inborn patriotism, determination helped rout terrorism – Malwatte Mahanayake

by Cyril Wimalasurendre

KANDY – President Mahinda Rajapaksa took up the reigns of this country at a crucial period of time like Dutugemunu, Parakramabahu, Gajaba, Wijayaba and national leaders like Anagarika Dharmapala to protect country, race and religion, states, the Most venerable Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha Mahanayake thero of Asgiriya, in a congradulatory message on the occasion of the swearing in of President Mahinda Rajapaksa for a second term and to mark the President’s birth anniversary.

The Mahanayake thero has further said in his message of good will that President Mahinda Rajapaksa who hailed from Southern Sri Lanka with courage and determination specialises with his inborn patriotism routed out the three decade old terrorism and restored peace in the country.

A very special quality of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, as we find is his devotion to the Buddha, Dhamma added to his patriotism.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa as head of the State, has contributed largely for the development of country in addition to steps being taken to win over the international community that has been misled by those spreading false propaganda.

It must be remembered that it was due to the strenuous efforts of President Rajapaksa, that world opinion was created that Sri Lanka was one of the most suitable countries to travel to, the prelate has said in his message.

It is with recognition of the fearless leadership of President Rajapaksa that Asgiriya and Malwatte Maha Viharas conferred on him the honourary title of "Vishwakeerthi Sri Thrisinhaladheeswara" the Most Venerable Mahanayake thero has said in his message of felicitation.

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