Heavy rains deprive Kataragama of clean water


By K. D. Devapriya –  Kataragama corr.

A pumping station affected by floods

Heavy rains are causing the Menik Ganga to overflow flooding some parts of the Kataragama area, but the residents there are without potable water. The National Water Supply Drainage Board (NWSDB) has failed to cope with the demand and the debris from the  over flowing river is said to have clogged the pumps of the NWSDB.

Consequently, the residents of Kataragama, Gothamipura, Gaminipura, Wallimathagama, Detagamuwa, Kandasurindugama, Sella Kataragama and Galahitiya have been left without potable water.

A large number of mainly Sinhala and Tamil pilgrims who flock to the sacred city from all over the world are also affected by the water shortage.

Those engaged in tourism are incurring losses as guests are reluctant to stay in Kataragama due to the lack of clean water.

Following request made by the residents, President Mahinda Rajapaksa intervened and instructed the NWSDB to take steps to solve the water problem. Bowsera are being used to distribute drinking water among residents and pilgrims.

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