Gunaratnam: JVP shaken to core by its support for MS

Calls its present day leaders traitors to the revolutionary cause

by Saman Indrajith

Leader of the JVP splinter Frontline Socialist Party Kumar Gunaratnam alias Kumar Mahattaya yesterday said the JVP had dug its political grave by entering into an agreement with common opposition canidate Maithripala Sirisena.

Gunaratnam, who arrived here yesterday morning in an exlusive interview with The Island, which he described as his first ever face to face meeting with a local paper, said that he had information of increasingly growing displeasure and dissention within the ranks of the JVP against its present day leaders’ move to support Sirisena. "We are aware of the criticism within JVP against entering into a secret deal with Sirisena reached by its highest levels. There is widespread criticism against JVP allowing another capitalist party candidate ride piggyback. This will cause a severe erosion of the JVP’s support base," Gunaratnam said.

He said despite many wrongdoings by present day JVP leaders, there was still good-hearted members in that party. "These cadres are misled, for they still like to believe and accept the decisions of the top leadership as strategic moves to achieve their socialist goals. It is not so and we know that well; that was why we left them and formed the FSP. It is our intention to address those disheartened elements in that party. We invite them to take a long, hard look at what their leaders are doing now. We call upon them to study the practices of their present day leaders. For those revolutionaries who can realise that their present day leaders are nothing but traitors to the cause of revolution, we offer an alternative path. If they have any hopes of socialism, they could join the Frontline Socialist Party."

Gunaratnam, who was deported from the country two and half years ago arrived at the BIA, Katunayake at 00.11 am from Australia via Singapore. He entered the country using the name Noel Mudalige and passport No 1016123. He has been granted a tourist visa to stay in the country till Jan 28. Addressing the first ever press conference in Sri Lanka at the Lions Club Hall in Rajagiriya, Gunaratnam said that it was his intention to stay in the country and engage in politics to further the cause of socialism.

Asked whether it was owing to any sort of understanding with the government that he had been granted a visa by the verygovernment he accused of abducting and trying to kill him once, Gunaratnam said that there was a political opportunity and he had grabbed it as a leftist. "It is the practice of leftists to grab any such political opportunities. We do not create them but it is our modus operandi to make use of them. Former JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe did likewise and came back to the country after 12 years of exile in 2001."

Gunaratnam asked people not to fall prey to those who promised change. "There is a deep rooted tendency in us human beings to listen to those who promise change. We tend to think that change would be the panacea for all ills around us. It is not so. Those who promise change only fool you to get your vote. The manifestoes of both leading candidates are hopeless. For example, those who are trying to muster the support of voters first promised to abolish executive presidency. Sirisena in his manifesto says there will be no change of provisions of executive presidency with regards to provincial councils. It is their intention of fooling the voters. We call upon people to vote for the candidate of the common left front Duminda Nagamuwa and help forward march of socialism."

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