Real international community looks forward to Mahinda victory- Vasu


The people all over the world were talking about the election in Sri Lanka. The real international community is keen to know who would win the election,and in whose favour the contest was heading. They wanted to know whether the Sri Lankan leader elected would be an anti-imperialist leader or pro-imperialist leader from the UNP led unholy alliance.

National Languages and Social Integration Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara expressed these views at a meeting of the Socialist People’s Front held at Ratnapura New Town Hall recently.

The Minister said: "Countries like Nicaragua, El-Salvador, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador are governed by leftist political parties. They are discussing the election in this country. The other countries are watching the situation here. They are discussing whether the imperialist will succeed in getting pro-imperialist Maithripala Sirisena elected Sri Lankan leader or whether anti-imperialist Mahinda can win again.

"We want our national freedom without being subjected to imperialist diktats. We want to live with people friendly socialist economic policies and a democratic government. We must remember that Maithripala will cause the country to revert to the UNP days in the unlike event of his election as President."

Nanayakkara said the country should change the presidential system where power was concentrated in one person. "We must establish a system which is responsible to Parliament. We must elect Mahinda Rajapaksha for this purpose."

There were many countries in the world which were against the imperialism. Sri Lankan were duty bound to elect an anti-imperialist leader. Some countries succumbed to the imperialist invasions. Cuba has successfully resisted imperialism for more than 50 years. The US had been compelled to remove the embargoes against Cuba due to international pressure. Vietnam also won the war world opinion was in its favour. What mattered most in the modern world was international opinion, the veteran leftist said.

Minister Nanayakkara said today the whole world was waiting to see the emergence of anti-imperialist leader, who would give leadership to the people friendly progressive forces. If President Rajapaksa emerged victorious the people all over the world who were against imperialists would be strengthened. "Remember you vote not only for President Rajapaksa but also for the entire world community opposed to neo-imperialism," said Minister Nanayakkara, expressing confidence that President Rajapaksa would win the next week’s election very comfortably in spite of all the noise made by the puppets of the imperial forces.

Several leftist leaders including DEW Gunasekara, Tissa Vitharana, also addressed the meeting.

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