Mr. Prabhakaran – a response


Ranil and Chandrika

Congratulations, Dear Editor on the excellent editorial on 5th January summarising the present political situation. I do not think even the most informed political pundit could have done any better. It took my memory way back to the last presidential election when yet another of our political leaders unashamedly referred to Mr. Prabhakaran for the sole purpose of getting votes for the ‘General’ so that he could piggy-back to power. It was one of most embarrassing interviews I have watched on ‘YouTube’.

Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe was interviewed for an European Tamil TV channel during the presidential election campaign. Though I cannot remember the name of the channel, some parts of the interview are indelibly etched in my memory. The interview commenced with a comment by the interviewer to the effect that many Tamils are blaming Ranil for the breakup of the LTTE and Ranil’s response to this astonished me. He stated that the moment he got information Karuna faction may break from the LTTE, he contacted Norway to request them to take whatever action possible to prevent this happening! I was astonished why Ranil was so interested in the unity of the LTTE. Surely, any politician committed to the unity and integrity of Sri Lanka would have welcomed the breakup of LTTE as it would have been the beginning of the end of the ruthless terrorist organisation. I could not believe that the leader of the UNP could stoop to such low levels just to get a few votes.

Ranil’s intentions got clearer as the interview proceeded. When questioned whether the ‘General’ who fought hard to destroy LTTE would defend the rights of Tamils, Ranil responded that he could ensure that as he would be made executive Prime Minister the moment the ‘General’ was elected President. It was obvious from subsequent interviews that the ‘General’ did not share that view. Hypocrisy of politicians!

The worst was yet to come; when questioned whether the problem could not have been resolved earlier, Ranil responded that it could have been resolved if Mr. Prabhakaran had talks with Mr. Jayewardene. I was so annoyed that Ranil equated these two, I called my children and replayed the interview. They too were shocked that Ranil did not even have the courtesy of referring to JR as President Jayewardene.

It is no surprise that Chandrika and Ranil, two failed leaders, are in league. The low levels to which politicians stoop in seeking votes is disgusting, to say the least!

Dr. Upul Wijayawardhana

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