Days of the Rajapaksas numbered - Sirisena



by Harischandra Guanratna

The corrupt rule of the UPFA government had made the masses despise it and now they were determined to change the government to pave the way for good governance, said common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena, addressing his final campaign rally at Maradana last night.

"There will be no division of the country when our party New Democratic Front is elected and we will safeguard the sovereignty of the nation and its unitary

status, but the UPFA government is engaged in a mudslinging campaign using the state media," Sirisena told a well-attended rally. "The verdict of the people is a foregone conclusion and on Jan. 08 a new era in the country’s political history would dawn the people would give a mandate to the new opposition alliance to eradicate rampant corruption, violence and establish rule of law and good governance."

The Rajapaksas had taken the law into their own hands and were abusing state machinery and resources in a desperate attempt to win the election, he said.

Family bandyism of the Rajapaksas was at its height and it had come to a point where they believed that they owned the country and treated the common man like dirt while the family members of the Rajapaksa clan enjoyed all the luxuries even going to the extent of changing the geography of the country in creating a port city.


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