Colombo troubled by stray dogs


By Dilanthi Jayamanne

Stray dogs had proved to be a big problem to the Colombo Municipal Council in controlling rabies, its Veterinary Department said yesterday.

Chief of the Veterinary Department of the CMC, Dr. I Dharmawardane said that a recent survey had revealed that there were approximately 3,000 stray dogs in the city. Those dogs were fed by certain sections of the community. However they lived on the street. Citing an example, he said that there were dogs at three wheel parks because the three wheel drivers fed them. Some dogs lived on particular streets and house owners fed them at night. However, none of those people had the stray dogs vaccinated or sterilized, he said.

Dr. Dharmawardane said that there had been many occasions where people claiming ownership to the dogs being taken to the pound were unable to confirm their ownership.

The Chief Vet said that the Council had taken steps to round up dogs and take them off the street in view of the papal visit. However, they would be released afterwards. There were several calls to the Council following the roundup.

He urged the public to be more responsible for their pets and not to abandon them on roads expecting others to look after them.

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