Move to prevent ministers’ kith and kin being appointed secretaries


by Maheesha Mudugamuwa

The Ministers’ Secretaries’ Union (MSU) yesterday urged the newly-formed government not to appoint Ministers’ and Deputy Ministers’ family members and their supporters as secretaries.

Addressing a press conference held at the Mahaweli Centre, MSU General Secretary Ajith Jayasundera asked the government to appoint knowledgeable people to the posts of secretaries in a transparent manner.

He said a person appointed as a media secretary to a minister or deputy minister should have at least ten years’ professional experience as a media person with two or three years work experience as a media secretary.

The MSU also criticised the approaching of UPFA MPs to support the Sirisena government whom they alleged were drug peddlers, ethanol dealers and racketeers.

"Now they are trying to join the new government, but we cannot let what happened to former President Rajapaksa to happen to President Sirisena," Jayasundera said.

He said that he had information about corrupt deals carried out by about 20 Ministers and 11 Secretaries.

"We will produce it at the Bribery and Corruption Commission soon", he added.

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