Election fever galvanise group to attempt land grab

By N. H Piyasena – Balangoda Corr.

Balangoda Magistrate G.L. Kannangara recently released 25 suspects on personal bond of Rs. 250,000 each, when they were produced before him by the Balangoda police on charges of criminal trespass on a land belonging to Rye Kapok Tea Group at Walawwatta, Balangoda Estate, an abandoned tea plantation.

Suspects were also ordered to appear in courts on Jan. 22.

Police arrested the suspects following a complaint lodged by the Superintendent of the estate that a large crowd of people entered the land forcibly soon after the Presidential election was over.

Suspects stated that they entered the land which was covered with shrubs and bushes for a long period of time as they had no lands to live.

Balangoda police are conducting inquiries.

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