Animal activists appeal to CMC  to reintroduce vaccination/ sterilisation programmes

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

Animal activists yesterday appealed to the Veterinary Department of the Colombo Municipal Council (VD-CMC) to reintroduce the sterilisation and vaccination programme carried out to control the dog population in the city.

Spokesperson for Animal Activists and Founder of Sathva Mithra, Sagarika Rajakarunanayke said that there had been a well streamlined five-year programme in the city from 2007 which had been carried out jointly by the CMC and a charity.

She explained that the programme had been successful as all dogs in the city were vaccinated against rabies and sterilised. There was also a ‘mop up’ programme in place where any new stray dog dumped on the streets was also given the anti-rabies vaccine and was also sterilised by them.

Rajakarunanayake claimed however that the five-year programme had had a lasting effect till the Urban development Authority stepped in during the Common Wealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2013 when all dogs were rounded up under the instructions of the then administration to be dumped in far off places in the country.

The move had created more problems for the city as new stray dogs were brought and dumped on the Colombo roads.

Chief of the Veterinary Department of the CMC, Dr. I. Dharmawardane recently said that a survey had shown there were over 3,000 strays in the city. The dogs were fed by sections of the community. None of those people however took the strays to be vaccinated or sterilized, he said.

However, Rajakarunanayake said that there was very poor coordination between members of the public and the veterinary department of the MC. People were hardly given prior notification before any of the programmes was carried out by it.

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