LSSP reiterates commitment to SLFP


By Shamindra Ferdinando

LSSP Chief Prof. Tissa Vitharana yesterday reiterated his commitment to the formation of a new SLFP-led government at the next parliamentary election.

National List MP Vitharana insisted that he wouldn’t under any circumstance join a new political front headed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa comprising a section of the SLFP, left political parties for the next parliamentary poll.

Since the conclusion of the presidential poll, newly elected President assumed the SLFP’s leadership.

The former senior minister was responding to our news report headlined Ex-UPFA allies break ranks with SLFP: New Opp alliance in the making ahead of parliamentary polls published on the front-page of The Island of January 24.

MP Vitharana insisted that he hadn’t participated in discussions meant to pave the way for an agreement on an Opposition alliance. "I strongly objected to on-going efforts to involve the LSSP in this project."

He said the LSSP wanted the SLFP to be united and to continue a strategy which had been evolved in Sri Lanka, where the left led by the LSSP aligned with the SLFP to establish progressive governments.

Commenting on the LSSP relationship with the former President, MP Vitharana said that the alliance which was founded by the then SLFP leader Mahinda Rajapaksa along with other political parties was a continuation of that historical process. Therefore, there was absolutely no requirement to move away from the established practice, the MP said.

"It is our intention at the forthcoming general election to join with the SLFP and other progressive political parties and outfits to defeat the UNP to pave the way for a progressive administration again headed by the SLFP."

The veteran politician stressed that that the LSSP wouldn’t condone any course of action that would divide the SLFP and endanger the formation of a progressive government at the next parliamentary poll.

Prof. Vitharana expressed confidence that those wanting to see a swift end to the UNP-led government wouldn’t adopt strategies inimical to their common cause, namely end to UNP government that came into being early this month.

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