Tri-shaw fares down by ten per cent from Feb. 1; School vans by five per cent

By Don Asoka Wijewardena    

 The three-wheeler associations had agreed to a 10 per cent fare reduction and all school van owners had agreed to reduce their charges by 5 per cent from February 01, Internal Transport Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara announced yesterday.

Addressing a media conference, Minister Bandara said that he had met three wheeler drivers’ associations and school van owners last week.

During the discussions, he stressed the need for reducing fares charged by three-wheelers and school vans. He also pointed out that as the bus fares had been reduced after the reduction of fuel prices, it was not fair if the charges of three-wheelers and school vans were not reduced.

Minister Bandara said that both associations had agreed to reduce their charges by 10 and 5 per cent from February 1.

There were around 850,000 three-wheelers in the country, but only about 600,000 three wheelers were being commercially operated.

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