Paskaralingam helping PM’s office, Finance Ministry and several others

by Maheen Senanayake

"Mr. R Paskaralingam is back in the country and is helping the PM’s office, the Finance Ministry and several other institutions," Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake and Assistant Leader of the UNP said yesterday.

"He has a wealth of knowledge to share and all of us have much to learn from him," he added.

Though the finance minister could not confirm an official position or title for Mr. Paskaralingam, a one time public service heavy weight, he confirmed his involvement as `helping us and several institutions’.

Several reports about the return of this official, who was a major figure in the Premadasa administration and has been out of the country for many years thereafter have hitherto appeared on alternate and social media reports but remained unconfirmed until now.

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