Treasure hunters destroy ancient Dagoba

By Nimal Hemasiri, Radampola Corr.

Treasure hunters had destroyed the dagoba of Poorwarama Purana Raja Maha Vihara at Veheragoda, Urugamuwa in Dickwella on Saturday night, police said yesterday.

They had demolished the Devata Kotuwa (citadel of the gods or the conical spire) and the Hathares Kotuwa (four-cornered enclosure) of the Chaitya believed to have been built by a regional king known as Minikirula around 89 BC during the reign of King Valagambahu, the police said.

The temple situated atop a hill at the Radampola- Walasgala cross road has been declared an archaeological reserve by the Department of Archaeology.

Further investigations are being conducted by the Dickwella police on the instructions of its OIC Chief Inspector Lasantha Dadamullage.

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