Teacher trainees forced to live on starvation diet

M. A. Kaleel, Kalmunai Corr.

The monthly allowance of Rs. 2,250 paid as food allowance to Diploma Teacher Trainees at National Colleges of Education (NCOE) is mere pittance, complain the teacher trainees and the administration of NCOE. 

The teacher trainees are paid a monthly allowance of Rs. 2,500 during the residential training of two years and Rs. 3,000 during the one-year internship in schools. Of this amount 10 per cent is deducted by the administration for welfare.

The college administration faces the challenge of providing three cups of tea and three meals for Rs. 2,250 to the trainees and the trainees find it difficult to find food and accommodation for Rs. 2,700 during the internship placement. But trainees of other professions like medical and nursing are paid their full salary.

Shahul Hameed, a retired banker told The Island that his daughter training to be a teacher at an NOCE had suffered from malnutrition and peptic ulcers because of substandard meals provided and she was not allowed to have meals outside.

At present around 10,000 students below the age of 25 are undergoing training to be teachers at 18 NCOEs countrywide.

The official website of the cabinet of Ministers reported on 23/12/2014 that the Cabinet had approved a paper submitted by former Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena to increase this allowance by Rs. 1,000 in keeping with Budget 2015.

National Colleges of Education and National Institute of Education are the brainchild of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and they are still appreciated by educationists as a trail blazing work in the area of Teacher Education and Curriculum Development.

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