Family of murdered ‘Loku Seeya’ seeks justice from President, PM

By Madura Ranwala and Minindu Ekanayake

Wife and two sons of M. S. M Niyas, alias Loku Seeya, well known exorcist at Ragama Devalaya who was abducted and murdered in the most inhuman manner in 2011, are seeking justice from President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as, they say, the previous government did not have the crime investigated.

 They made the appeal to the country’s leaders during media briefing in Colombo on Wednesday evening along with Western Province Provincial Councillor Susil Kindelpitiya of the Democratic Party.

 "My father Loku Seeya famous for his generosity helped many people. He had received money to the tune of Rs. 4,000 million for decades up to the time of his untimely death. The records include the names, addresses, amount of money offered for his service by people, identity card numbers of those persons, pictures of the help seekers and many other details in those books related to the service he rendered," stressed his elder and younger sons M. N. M. Hisan and M. N. M. Hijas, known by the their devotees as Podi Seeya, and Chutti Seeya.

"Those records show how a ruler in Dubai sought my father’s help some 15 years ago and the amount of money he granted.

 "Criminal Investigations Department cleared our father in 2013 from the allegation that he had earned his wealth from engaging in heroin dealing," they said.

 They alleged that before the abduction of their father, some powerful persons had tried to create an atmosphere that his father was linked to heroin trade as they had heard a radio programmes broadcast targeting him and those clips had now been handed over to the CID.

 "It is a mystery why our father was abducted by an armed gang that arrived in a white van on Oct. 27, 2011 near Kerawalapitiya Devalaya and then he was tortured and murdered in a mysterious manner and then dumped into the sea at Akkaraipattu. However, the body was washed ashore mysteriously though it had been dumped in the sea with iron rods weighing over 100 kilos tied to the body and the neck with two iron chains," Hisan said.

Western Provincial Councillor Susil Kindelpitiya said that he had personally written a letter to the head of the CID urging him to conduct an inquiry to find out what had really happened to Loku Seeya and 14 persons who had gone missing after being abducted during the previous government.

The WP councillor said the then government ministers had said at the inauguration of a water supply scheme in Ragama that Loku Seeya was no more. Therefore, the abduction was a planned one as the body was found in a high security zone area and evidence suggests that it had been planned."

Loku Seeya was abducted while he was going to the Keravalapitiya Devalaya from Ragama Devalaya in his vehicle around 6.30pm near Gunasekara Mawatha, Kerawalapitiya, Wattala on October 27, 2011.

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