Gov.t’s pro-western policy counter-productive -LSSP


by Harischandra Gunaratna

LSSP General Secretary and former UPFA Minister Prof. Tissa Vitharane yesterday said the LSSP had taken a firm decision that the executive presidency should be abolished though certain powers enjoyed by the President could be retained.

Addressing a news conference at the party headquarters, Colombo, the veteran LSSPer said the excessive powers enjoyed by the executive presidency had been the bane of the country.

Vitharane said that the next general election would be a crucial one and if the people elected the UNP it would lead to a dictatorship. He cited Thailand and Egypt as examples where eventually the right wing military had taken control of the country.

The LSSP was also campaigning for electoral reforms.

Ranil Wickreremesinghe was acting according to the diktats of the West and the UNP’s ‘Reawakening Sri Lanka" programme was a facade for  implementing the western agenda which would force the people to pay for water drawn from their own wells or tanks, he said.

Multinationals on the pretext of helping the country would rob all the resources, the former minister warned.

Whilst admitting that there had been lapses on the part of the previous UPFA government Vitharane said, the LSSP would support any move to strengthen the UPFA, but it opposed a national government as nowhere in the world a national government had been successful other than that of Britain during the World War II under Churchill.

"We admit that there was corruption, nepotism, waste, irregularities etc. under the UPFA government, but the present government had shown no signs of addressing the national issues though they promised to do so," he said.

Vitharane said that the National Executive Council of which the JVP was a member had not contributed anything noteworthy to the country.

The LSSP would take disciplinary action against some of its members who had held a media briefing pledging support to President Maithripala Sirisena’s alliance violating the party decision, senior party member Anil Zoysa said.

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