SLC says ‘they knew it before’

Further to the news item that appeared in certain newspapers saying ‘Sri Lanka were unhappy with World Cup Scheduling’, Sri Lanka Cricket has sent the following statement:

‘SLC has sought the views from the Team Manager who stated that the writer (of the said article) has quoted him accurately when he has said, ‘It would have been nice to have finished New Zealand before coming to Australia… It certainly is inconvenient. It’s tiring for the boys too. We’ve got to get up 7:00 in the morning tomorrow and be at the airport by 8:00. So it’s a long day for them tomorrow, and then we just have the day between, and probably we won’t practise (before the England game)".

"The words and thoughts in the rest of the article are entirely the writer’s," stated the Team Manager.

SLC has never complained at any stage or has envied the schedule of other teams. All teams have similar busy weeks. The World Cup Schedule was announced months ago and SLC and its management team were very much aware of it.


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