Opposition Leader pays glowing tribute to Modi


Opposition Leader Nimal Siripala de Silva addressing Parliament on Friday (pic by Sujatha Jayaratne)

Opposition Leader Nimal Siripala de Silva yesterday said that Narendra Modi had obtained an absolute majority in Loka Sabha, which was only a distant dream for the previous governments of India, as a result of his dynamism, dedication and determination.

As a result the stability so created has influenced not only India but the region as a whole, De Silva said.

The following is the text of the Opposition Leader’s statement in parliament following Premier Modi’s address: 

"As the Leader of the opposition, I feel honoured and privileged to propose the vote of thanks on Your Excellency’s historic visit to the Parliament of Sri Lanka and let me take this opportunity to express my profound appreciation and thanks to Your Excellency for the honour bestowed upon this House with your presence here today.

"Your visit to Sri Lanka heralds a new era of renewed Indo-Lanka relations.

"Sri Lanka and India have a long history of close ties socially, politically, culturally and economically spanning over many centuries.

"Religious scriptures tell us that Lord Buddha, the great philosopher and the esteemed son of Maha Bharath visited Sri Lanka several times and shared his knowledge with us and blessed our motherland.

"History records that Emperor Asoka’s son, daughter and his disciples brought Buddhism and the order of Maha Sangha to Sri Lanka, 2500 years ago thereby guiding our ancestors on a religious and spiritual path and transformed Sri Lanka into a disciplined society.

"Bodhgaya, Varnasi, Kapilavastu and many places of religious worship in India are visited by Hundreds and Thousands of devout Sri Lankan Buddhists annually, bringing India and its people closer to the hearts and minds of our people.

"Similarly Putapathy, Thirupathy, White-fields and Velankerni, are some other places of religious worship frequented by Sri Lankans of other religious denominations as well as Buddhists.

"Similarly many Indians, too, visit popular religious places in Sri Lanka, such as, Kataragama and Sita Eliya which has further strengthened the ties between the two nations.

"Many Indian leaders have visited Sri Lanka in the past strengthening bilateral economic cooperation and improving our cultural & social ties in the past.

"From time immemorial Sri Lanka and India have had excellent trade relations and as a result we are proud that India has become one of our leading trading partners.

"Your Excellency you are a self-made man worthy of emulation, and, you are a glowing example to all our politicians in Sri Lanka and also the SAARC Region.

"Without a family dynasty to back you, your inspiring journey to the office of the Prime Minister of Maha Bharath, starting from very humble beginnings in Vadnagar, a rural town in North Gujarat, has been a journey of courage, compassion and constant hard work devoting your entire life to the service of your people.

"I believe the secret of your great success is your simplicity, dedication and determination coupled with a disciplined life-style, winning the hearts and minds of your people.

"Your 13-year-long stint as the Chief Minister of Gujarat ushered a paradigm shift towards a pro-people and a pro-active good governance to make it work efficiently, honestly and humanely.

"You have transformed Gujarat which was reeling after a devastating earth quake, into a vibrant growth-engine contributing strongly to India’s development.

"As the former Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Management, I had the opportunity of visiting Gujarat to personally witness these spectacular changes you have made to this state to improve its infrastructure, lift irrigation and agriculture.

"I witnessed how Narmada river waters were very effectively and efficiently diverted through lift irrigation to provide safe drinking water to 30 million people and irrigate 560,000 Hectares of water-starved land using innovative Indian Technology demonstrating your great vision.

"Let me conclude by thanking Your Excellency once again for your inspiring speech to our Parliamentarians and for being here with us today.

"I am sure your visit will further strengthen our bilateral relations and friendship between the two nations.

May the triple gem bless you and protect you always."

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