Use ‘local forces’, not US military, to battle ISIS!



by Selvam Canagaratna

"History, n. An account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers mostly knaves, and soldiers mostly fools."

– Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary (1881).

America’s ascendancy as the world’s undisputed Super-Cop can be traced back to 1991, the year which marked the collapse of the Soviet Union. With no other obvious challenger in sight, the US all-too-readily took upon itself the self-designated role of ‘World Protector’, having already projected its military might worldwide since the end of World War II while pretending, in the process, that its ambitions for global hegemony were altogether altruistic and benevolent.

Says Gilbert Mercier, Editor-in-Chief of News Junkie Post: "This dichotomy between the fictional discourse and the brutal reality of US imperialism, applied globally since 1945, is more blatant than George Orwell’s worst fears expressed in 1984. In this war-is-peace construct, nothing is what it appears to be, and imperialist wars are sold to a gullible citizenry as being humanitarian.

"Despite the disinformation propagated by the think tanks and Western mainstream media outlets, factual evidence shows that currently, the clear-and-present dangers to world peace are not ISIS, Russia’s aggressive acts or the Ebola epidemic but, rather, the US military and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)."

After all, back in 2003, who can forget that the ear-splitting ‘spin’ accompanying the brutal ‘Shock & Awe’ invasion of Iraq was – believe it if you will – wholly intended to "spread freedom and democracy to the Middle East"! [Twelve years on, the freedom and democracy Iraq, Libya and Syria were assured of enjoying after the US intervention cannot even be discerned in the resulting ruins of those nations.]

Mercier explains: "The new world order that the ideologues of Orwellian imperialism are striving to impose globally under the cover of fake revolutions, is actually ‘controlled chaos’. The destructive empire has several wrecking balls at its disposal, but its tools of choice are, in addition to the US military and the troops of its dependable and mostly occupied vassals in NATO, the Israel ‘Defense’ Forces."

The creation of ‘controlled chaos’ works as a tactic to mould the collective psyche of the citizenry, he writes, because people usually strive for stability, security and order, even at the expense of their own personal liberty. "The collective state of fear that chaos generates makes most people welcome the worst kinds of repression from the most oppressive forms of governments. Fear and paranoia are the essential ingredients of police states."

Nothing could, in Mercier’s view, be more appropriate for the warmongering Orwellian empire than to have as its current public-relations persona a Nobel peace prize laureate. "The irony and absurdity of it all is tragic. On February 11, 2015, President Obama sent an official request to the US Congress to pass an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against America’s latest elusive enemy: ISIS or ISIL. In his request to Congress, which is a gem in Orwellian rhetoric and legalese, Obama claims "Violent extremism and an evolving terrorist threat raise a persistent risk of attacks on America and our allies" hence mentions that he "has directed a comprehensive and sustained strategy to degrade and defeat ISIL". The request, explains Mercier, was to actually use convenient regional surrogates on the front line of the empire’s new war: "Local forces, rather than the US military should be deployed to conduct such operations," intones the Nobel Peace Laureate-turned-not-so-Reluctant-Warmonger. "The authorization I propose would provide the flexibility (for the US military) to conduct ground combat operations. . ." [emphasis added]

Needless to say, Obama’s request will pass unquestioned, with flying colours and wide bipartisan support. After all, could the US Congress say no to a perfect new war that promises very few US casualties for its patrons of the military-industrial complex? War is America’s leading export and an extremely lucrative business for everyone associated with the merchants of death.

The timing of the AUMF, a few months after the full-scale operation against ISIS started without it, has to do with the budget of the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2016. Added to a ‘base’ defense budget of $534 billion, the Pentagon is asking for $51 billion to pay for ‘the war on ISIL in Iraq and Syria’. The 2016 budget proposal asks for $168 million of additional funding to ‘counter Russian aggressive acts’, with $117 million for Ukraine and $51 million for Moldova and Georgia, plus $789 million to bolster NATO in the European Union. The direct and indirect beneficiaries, namely Wall Street and the political class, of the colossal war machine are thrilled with the prospect of more profit from permanent war.

Despite the fact that ISIS was originally the foster child of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with Uncle Sam for its godfather, Mercier points out that ISIS has just been labeled Enemy Number One, making it a dream come true to make the ‘War on Terror’ global, permanent and perhaps even more destructive than originally planned. The Islamic State foreign legion is indeed the perfect enemy: one that can justify a permanent war-without-borders, help finish the job of wrecking the Middle East in preparation for the Greater Israel Project; and finally, create a clash-of-civilizations fear and discourse in Europe to make people accept a full-blown police state.

"In the time of the Orwellian empire, most people not only accept the notion that they must be protected against themselves, but are also conditioned to embrace it happily, as if they are singing cheerfully to the slaughterhouse," wrote Mercier. Furthermore, the war on ISIS would allow the US military and its NATO surrogate to – in the process – invade and occupy even more countries. [Global hegemony, one dastardly way or another!]

Yes, US ‘occupation’ is still an awfully stubborn fact of life even in this era. Seventy years after the end of World War II, the US military still occupies the main losers of the conflict and current ‘allies’. About 40,000 US troops occupy Germany, while 60,000 occupy Japan. Fifty-four years since the end of the Korean war, almost 30,000 troops occupy South Korea. Fourteen years after the invasion of Afghanistan, a Praetorian guard of 11,000 is still in that country, and 12 years after the invasion of Iraq a force of about 5,000 troops, quickly growing, remains there. Some other significant footprints of the US military on so-called sovereign countries are as follows: about 12,000 in Kuwait; 3,500 in Bahrain; 1,500 in Turkey; 11,000 in Italy; 10,000 in the United Kingdom; and 2,000 in Spain.

The overall US military force overseas occupies more than 150 countries and amounts to the staggering number of 160,000 troops, with an additional 70,000 deployed in ‘contingency’ operations with either the Navy, Air Force, or Special Forces. A priority of further military expansion, in this case through NATO, is Eastern Europe using the pretext of necessary defense against ‘Russia’s aggressions’. In the Spring of 2015, NATO will establish command centres in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to oversee 5,000 troops.

The global community, says Mercier, must challenge the US’ Orwellian leadership that has driven the world from one war to another for the past seven decades. "This is a clear-and-present danger to all of us. Nations, worldwide, must reclaim their sovereignty by firstly recognizing that the Praetorian guard of the Orwellian empire are not allies but occupiers. Contesting the ‘leadership’ of the US is the only way out of a perverse global construct where war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and reality is fiction!"

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