Gemunu cries over broken promises


By Don Asoka Wijewardena

Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) President Gemunu Wijeratne yesterday called on the government to reveal the names of the large-scale bus owners who had been issued with route permits illegally under the last regime.

Addressing a media conference, Wijeratne said the New Democratic Front had clearly mentioned in its election manifesto that action would be taken to improve the private bus industry. But, so far nothing had been done for the benefit of the industry. The LPBOA chief asked the Internal Transport Minister Ranjith Madumma Bandara to reveal the names of the large-scale business men responsible for the deterioration of the private bus industry.

Wijeratne added that unless Internal Transport Minister Madduma Bandara revealed the names of the racketeers involved in misdeeds in the industry, the LPBOA would be compelled to take strong trade union action against the government.

Wijeratne said if there was ‘good governance’ the corrupt officials and people involved in large-scale frauds and corruption should be brought to justice forthwith. But, instead of nabbing the culprits some government politicians were hobnobbing with them, the LPBOA president alleged.

Wijeratne said that Internal Transport Minister Madduma Bandara had appointed a committee to investigate corruption under the previous government but nothing had come of the probe.

If the government did not expose and prosecuted the corrupt who put through various crooked deals under the previous government, the LPBOA could be constrained to conclude that the present government was shielding them, Wijeratne said, promising tough action to jolt the government into action against crooks who had ruined the private bus industry.


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