Russia embarks on armaments modernization programme

Mutually beneficial military cooperation with SL – Mikhaylovskiy


by Zacki Jabbar

Russia has embarked on a massive programme to modernize a majority of its armaments, that would run until 2020,amidst a concern for its security and stability.

 Military Attache to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Sri Lanka, Colonel Dmitry A. Mikhaylovskiy addressing  a ceremony to mark the "Day of the Defender of Fatherland" in Colombo recently, revealed  that  under Russia’s new  State Arms programme  70 per cent of all types of armaments and up to 100 per cent of specific types in its possession would be included in the renewal programme.

"Clearly,more needs to be done. Life on our planet is becoming increasingly complex.There are new threats to our security and stability.Unceremonious interventions in internal affairs,double standards, lies, slander and manipulation of facts to hoodwink people has become the norm, resulting in a threat to socio economic development of countries and regions.It, has also lead to the spread of instigated violence aimed at creating new pockets of instability", he noted adding that given such conditions, countries should know how to defend themselves.

Maintaining a modern and efficient military was not just a necessity for Russia, but a matter of survival and that was precisely the thinking behind moves to modernise and improve its armed forces, Mikhaylovskiy emphasised.

He,said that the mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Sri Lanka in the military sphere had always been aimed at ensuring safety and preventing an escalation of tensions.The determining factors of close bilateral ties was the high degree of confidence and sincere friendship between its peoples over many decades.

This year marked a significant 70th anniversary of Russia’s Victory in the Great Patriotic Struggle during the Second World War, Mikhaylovskiy observed."Our State made the greatest contribution to the defeat of Nazi fascism and became one of the main initiators of the current system of international security. I,express sincere gratitude to the war veterans and all who fought and worked behind the lines during a very difficult period. Let’s thank our veterans for their courage, strength of spirit, bravery, heroism and also pay tribute to our fathers and grandfathers who stood shoulder to shoulder across national and religious affiliation to protect many generations from the fascist plague. We, must hold fast to their ideals and heroic achievements so as to prevent a relapse into armed conflicts in resolving disputes and also prevent any attempt to revive fascism, nationalism and xenophobia."

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