Lanka Sathosa on ‘super active mode’ for New Year


by Sanath Nanayakkare

Lanka Sathosa has been placed on a super-active-mode to enable people to buy all necessary food items at the cheapest market rate for the upcoming Sinhala New Year, Lanka Sathosa chairman Kiran Atapattu told The Island Financial Review yesterday.

"About 150 lorries are deployed daily to distribute food supplies to all 308 Lanka Sathosa outlets across the country. All food provisions are topped up on a daily basis so there are plenty of stocks in all outlets, Atapattu said.

"We are the ones who stabilize the prices at acceptable levels spearheading fair retail-trade practices throughout the country, he added.

Atapattu made a special reference on Lanka Sathosa’s commitment towards the low and middle income groups that seek to buy food supplies for the season without making a big dent in their purse.

"There are unique priorities in our service which is not so in other cases. It’s true that our institute is a commercial one, but its humanitarian face is more prominent than its commercial interests. That’s where we distinguish ourselves from similar establishments. Our main priority is to offer the common man the most reasonable prices in the food market. Why should he or she pay more? he asked.

The chairman said Lanka Sathosa takes pride in the fact that it provides Sri Lankans its service at a marginal profit.

"All we need is a nominal profit to keep this national service going. High-income customers also benefit from our service, but you can’t blame it. That ‘s the way it is, Atapattu said.

Asked about the quality of food items available at Lanka Sathosa outlets, the chairman said,"We don’t compromise quality for price. Go and see for yourself the quality of provisions in our outlets. In fact, everyone agrees that our price, service and quality set the standards in the market triggering a competitive environment. Imagine what prices you would have to pay for essential food items if Lanka Sathosa were not a strong market player in this liberal trade arena.

Asked about the reaction of the customers to Lanka Sathosa’s special New Year service, Atapattu said, "The long queues of customers at our outlets are the best proof for it, needless to say anymore, Atapattu said.

All Lanka Sathosa outlets will be open till midnight on April 13 to facilitate last-minute- customers.

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