Wife set on fire for refusing to allow
her face superimposed on local porn girl’s pictures

By Jayantha de Silva

A 23-year-old woman, who had been struggling for her life at the National Hospital for nearly six weeks after being doused with kerosene and set on fire by her husband in the Seeduwa police area, succumbed to her injuries last Wednesday (Nov. 24).

The police told an inquest into her death before City Coroner Edward Ahangama that the suspect, who had been given bail, was missing. It transpired at the inquest that there had been constant quarrels between the victim and her husband due to the latter trying to superimpose her face on pornographic pictures of a local woman posted on the internet.

The Coroner held the inquest into the death of Hene Mudiyanselage Dilka Maduwanthi, a resident of Thalathelawewa, Senapura in Nikkaweratiya.

Hene Mudiyanselage Nandawathi, the mother of the deceased in her evidence said that her daughter had passed the GCE (A/L) and then eloped with suspect Dhananjaya Adikari.

She alleged that the suspect was unemployed and addicted to heroin. The couple had lived in suspect’s residence, she said, adding that there had been frequent quarrels as the husband wanted to superimpose the victim’s face on local female porn actress’s pictures. When the victim refused to let him do so, the suspect had poured kerosene oil on her and ordered her to burn herself to death.When she refused to commit suicide, he had set her on fire and fled.

The victim had been rushed to the Negombo Hospital and later to the National Hospital, where she died.

Assistant Judicial Medial Officer K. K. Joozar, who performed the post mortem, said that cause of her death was infections due to burn injuries.

Further inquiry was put off till Dec. 11.

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