Rudra not  violating US law


The US government is of the opinion that the activities being carried out in public by some Tamil groups in the US led by V.Rudrakumar in support of an Ealam state is not a violation of US laws.

The US Ambassador in Colombo Patricia Butenis, in an interview with News, said that the US had constitutional guarantees for freedom of expression and freedom of assembly which meant that people in the US could protest, demonstrate or write opinions against foreign governments or even the US government.

Asked to comment on concerns being raised by the Sri Lankan government over the activities of LTTE supporters in the US led by Rudrakumar, the US envoy noted that the record of the US government against the LTTE, which remains a banned outfit in the US, was very clear but at the same time the US must have a balance between national security concerns and constitutional liberties.

"We banned the LTTE in 1997 as a foreign terrorist organisation and it is still on that list. It is against US law to provide any material support to the LTTE or its remnants. We have prosecuted and convicted almost 20 people under US laws for providing that material support. At the same time in the US we have constitutional guarantees for freedom of expression and freedom of assembly which means that people in the US can protest, can demonstrate, can write opinions and can disagree not only with foreign governments but also with the US government. The US just like Sri Lanka has to constantly balance national security concerns with constitutional liberties" Butenis said.

LTTE proxies operating in the US has recently formed a ‘cabinet’ for a Transnational Government of Tamil Ealam made up of a ‘Prime Minister’, three ‘Deputy Prime Ministers’ and seven ‘Ministers’ each having their own portfolios.

Sri Lanka has said it was ‘regrettable’ that space was being given to LTTE proxies to carry out their work overseas against a democratically elected government.

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