RDA to prevent heavy vehicles damaging roads

By Lal Gunesekera

The Road Development Authority (RDA) intends to install three ‘weighbridges’ at Ratmalana along the Galle Road, Thannekumbura on the Mahiyangana Road and Hathara-skotuwa on the Trincomalee Road to prevent overloaded heavy vehicles causing damages to public roads..

A senior spokesman for the Highways Ministry told The Island that the RDA had ordered the installation of three weighbridges.

According to him this was being done to control the movement of heavy vehicles.

The official said that the matter had been discussed at a Steering Committee meeting last month.

He said that the government was in the process of rehabilitating many roads and constructing new highways. There was a need to prevent overloaded trucks and containers causing damage to roads.

The RDA would work closely with the local police to ensure the smooth functioning of those ‘weighbridges’ and bring in amendments to the Motor Traffic Act to introduce restrictions on loads vehicles could carry, sources said. This would enable the RDA to prosecute those violated the laws, sources said.

Section 237 and Section 19 of the Motor Traffic Act (Chapter 203) issued in the Gazette Notification No. 1380/14 of February 16, 2005 stipulate the maximum weight for each vehicle and exceeding the stipulated weight was a violation which could lead to prosecution, sources said.

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