Housing ban in disaster areas

The government has decided to relocate people living in disaster prone areas around the island in order to avoid displacement and loss of lives caused by flooding and landslides.

Newly appointed Disaster Manag-ement Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said that a report has already been sought on disaster prone areas and once those areas are identified the people living there will be relocated.

Minister Amaraweera noted that natural disasters like floods and

landslides cannot be controlled but measures can be taken to reduce the damage it causes by relocating the people living in those areas to safer locations.

"We have noted that most of the time it’s the same area that gets flooded or face landslides so we are now compiling a report and based on that report people living in disaster prone areas will be relocated," Minister Mahinda Amaraweera told News

The recent heavy rain has seen thousands of people being displaced or losing their property while in some other areas people have been moved to safer locations owing to the threat of landslides. (News

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