Another landslide at Nikapotha, Haldummulla, but no casualties or damage to houses


By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

Another landslide occurred in an area encompassing five acres in Thambadiyathenna estate at Nikapotha, Haldummulla in the Badulla District yesterday morning, according to

the Disaster Management Centre (DMC).

The DMC however said that no damages to property or loss of life had been reported.

DMC Deputy Director (Media) Sarath Lal Kumara told The Island that the latest landslide had occurred in an area where there were no houses and it was not near the previous landslide area in Haldamulla last year.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) yesterday carried out a reconnaissance operation over the landslide affected Haldummulla area using a Bell 412 helicopter.

The National Building Research Organization (NBRO) assured that there were no further landslide risks in the area, but residents of two houses adjoining the affected area were evacuated yesterday.

NBRO Landslide Research & Risk Management Division’s Head R. M. S Bandara said that the area was not near to the last year’s landslide at Haldamulla, but geologically the area was situated in the same slope.

The organisation yesterday identified another danger in the area due to the water runoff flowing from the top of the hilly area and it had been fixed by turning the water flow to another side. Therefore there were no risks at present.

The new landslide occurred in the Thambadiyathenna estate in Nikapotha West Garama Seva Division coming under the Haldamulla Pradeshiya Sabha, Bandara said adding that there was a high possibility for landslides in the Haldamulla area as it was situated on unstable grounds that could be easily moved.

The NBRO however assured that there was no landslide risk in the area at present.

Over 100 villagers were killed in a landslide that occurred in Meeriyabedda in Badulla District in October last year.

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