Sixty more companies at Indian Trade Fair 2015


By Hasitha Ayeshmantha

‘This time round the Indian Trade Fair will feature 50-60 fresh Indian companies at the event, Director of MP Events Sri Lanka Emile Gunasekara said while addressing the launch of the ninth edition of the Indian Trade Fair in Sri Lanka.

The Indian Trade Fair is an exhibition-convention organized by MP Events Sri Lanka with the aim of further strengthening the ever-growing ties between Sri Lanka and India. The Indian Trade Fair provides a platform for both business sectors, in Sri Lanka and India, to interact with one another and form mutually beneficial business relations. It provides a great opportunity for local industries to acquire sophistication and to explore the positive aspects of the Indian business sector.

Addressing the launch of Indian Trade Fair 2015 Emile Gunasekara said that the initial version of this event was launched in 1999. Since then the event has continued while gradually gaining momentum. He also stated that up to now, the Indian Trade Fair has paved the way for over 360 Indian companies to enter and explore the Sri Lankan market.

‘The 9th Indian Trade Fair will mark a significant success as this time we hold the event with the partnership of the Indian PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Sri Lanka (FCCISL). This is a great achievement for us and we hope that this year’s event will get a good response from the Sri Lankan and Indian business communities, he added.

Speaking on the importance of the event from the Indian business point of view, Secretary General of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India Saurabh Sanyal said that this is a great opportunity for the Indian business sector to showcase their success to the Sri Lankan business community and also a great opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with the neighbouring country.

‘This will also facilitate interactions between agents, dealers, distributors, manufacturers, exporters, entrepreneurs, Chambers of Commerce, association members and especially direct marketing companies. We also see this opportunity as another link that could strengthen the bilateral ties between Sri Lanka and India, Sanyal said.

Focusing on the diversity of products that would be showcased at the exhibition, Gunasekara said that this year will represent an expansive profile, including construction and infrastructure, turbines, water purification and filtration systems, fire extinguishers and safety products, agriculture and farming equipment, industrial boilers, laboratory instruments, medical equipment, pollution control equipment, robotic cloth washing systems, filter press and plates, wires and cables, vehicle meters and tracking devices, transformers, rubber products, solar power products, consumer electronics, kitchen appliances, confectionary, food supplements, dairy products, spices, books and online publications, education institutions and leather products.

The exhibition will take place from May 7 -9 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center (SLECC) and alongside that the third Indo- Sri Lanka Economic Dialogue (ICE 3) will also take place on May 8 at 10.30 am at the same venue. The dialogue will feature discussions and forums between the business communities of both countries and the floor will be open for all local and foreign businesses to engage and form new business ties.

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