SriLankan Airlines launches knowledge management system

SriLankan Airlines, in a ground breaking initiative has introduced a knowledge management system, one of the first in the corporate sector in Sri Lanka; branded as yoULink and themed—"connect,collaborate, share and learn."

yoULink is a knowledge portal, a type of knowledge management system that strives to provide a ‘one-stop knowledge shop’, which is a single point of access to the knowledge available in an organization (or even beyond), reused in such a way that it is useful and applicable for a knowledge-seeking user.

The introduction of this knowledge management system aims to provide all employees an equal chance to be heard, share their thoughts, ideas and experiences, which will not only motivate the employees but also make them feel that they are contributing to make a change.

Speaking about the new development, SriLankan Airlines’, Head of Human Resources, Pradeepa Kekulawela said "We are launching the knowledge portal of the airline at a crucial moment, where we feel that sharing expertise can largely contribute to the development of the Airline. It goes without saying that our workforce is a great asset of knowledge. When our employees leave the organization, we have no way of utilising their experience, wisdom, aptitudes and intuition for the betterment of the organization.

A knowledge management system can pool this knowledge, preserve it and support the organization’s decision-making process. At SriLankan we have different domains of knowledge. Some will be very difficult to replace once gone. Therefore it is timely that we put in place a knowledge management system to link people, share their know-how, capture what is important and use it for benefit of the organization."

The Knowledge Portal consists of a pool of information and actively supports the user in their business processes. yoULinkprovides an easy, fun and interactive way to communicate with every staff member at SriLankan,where they can actively participate and share their ideas, experiences, share news aboutcompetitors and knowledge about the airline.

Being one of the first companies in Sri Lanka to introduce knowledge portals, SriLankan hopes to create a benchmark for corporate knowledge sharing initiatives.

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