‘Rajapaksas no longer have horses to ride or helicopters to gallivant in’ — SF

Feel sorry to see MR in his village


Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said that the biggest obstacle to save this country earlier was LTTE leader Prabakaran. After him, it was President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Now, he has also been sent home for the greater good of this country.

Addressing the May Day rally of the Democratic Party in Colombo, he said he felt sorry when he saw a photograph in a newspaper of Rajapaksa wearing a sarong and T-shirt, seated behind a table in his village.

"Now, the family has no horses to ride and no helicopters to gallivant round the country. They want to give the impression that they are poor", he said.

Rajapaksa says that they don’t have sufficient vehicles and that his loyalists are gifting automobiles. What are the vehicles they are supposedly gifting – super luxury Prados and Mercedes Benz. They should tell this to konday bendapu Chinu, the Field Marshal said.

"We don’t believe such bunkum because none of us are konday bendapu Chinu. They resemble Chinu, but none of us has such appearances. The money that was plundered and concealed is gradually coming out for luxuries", he charged.

Fonseka said that during his five-year political career, two and a half years were spent in jail. The Rajapaksas are now sowing what they reaped. "They live in trepidation that what they did to me will eventually happen to them".

"My classmate is in jail now. If he spends two months in jail, he will die. Not only him, the other members of the Rajapaksa clan will also die in fear. During our young days, he didn’t even know the way to our school. A football has not even accidently struck his body", he said.

He said that today the Rajapaksas are complaining they are being harassed and persecuted. They claim the allegations made against them are false. Mahinda Rajapaksa is visiting temples and reciting bana pada. He is telling his woes to the people.

"I pity him as he fears that what he did to me will return to haunt him. He visualizes a cell with iron bars, with him on one side and myself on the other. I feel sorry to see him in that attire in his village", Fonseka said.

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