Sri Lankans in Japan celebrate New Year in Tokyo


Sri Lankan Community domiciled in the vicinity of the city of Tokyo, unstintingly and resolutely worked to make the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Tokyo a resounding success

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Japan and the New Year Festival Executive Committee, in close association and coordination with Tokyo based Associations, celebrated the Sinhala Tamil New Year in Chofu Sports Stadium in the city of Chofu in the Prefecture of Tokyo. Well over 6,000 Sri Lankan nationals domiciled in Japan, particularly, in nearby cities of Tokyo, and Japanese and foreign nationals attended the Sinhala-Tamil New Year Festival. The Director General of Chofu International Friendship Association was the Chief Guest and the senior most officials of the office of the Mayor of ChofuCity were the Guests of Honor. The Charge d' Affaires of the Embassy, Dr. Saj U. Mendis, welcomed the Guests.

Hacitha Gooneratne, President of the New Year Festival Executive Committee, in its Opening remarks, stated that the Sri Lankan Community domiciled in the vicinity of the city of Tokyo, unstintingly and resolutely, worked in order to make the Sinhala Tamil New Year in Tokyo, yet another, resounding success. He further added that every year, the Community and Sri Lankan Associations based in Tokyo, organize the Sinhala Tamil New Year in order to celebrate the New Year as they live thousands of miles away from Sri Lanka.

The Chief Guest, Mr. KaichiTakiyanagi, stated in his address that it was wonderful to witness so many Sri Lankans as well as Japanese nationals enjoying the Sinhala-Tamil New Year, similar to that of the Celebrations in Sri Lanka. He further added that events of this nature would strengthen and deepen the bilateral relations between the peoples of the two countries. He also read a message from the Mayor of the Chofu city, in which, the Mayor wished the Sinhala Tamil New Year Celebrations as well as the peoples of Sri Lanka.

Dr. SajMendis, in his address, stated that one of the unique features of Sinhala Tamil New Year is that the two key ethnicities of Sri Lanka celebrate the New Year, together, adhering to the traditional customs, beliefs, tenets and ethos. Needless to state that the Sri Lankans consider the New Year Festival as an auspicious and propitious occasion to commence the functionaries of the newly dawned year. He further added that, today, Sri Lanka has entered a new era and a new chapter and the expatriates of Sri Lanka, domiciled in Japan, could make a potent and significant contribution and impingement on the economic and political landscape and tapestry of the country, thus fructifying and realizing the national objectives of the country.On behalf of the New Year Executive Committee and the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Dr Mendis thanked all the sponsors and well-wishers for their support, assistance and cooperation extended in order to make the Sinhala Tamil New Year a success.

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