GIS Solutions conducts program on ‘Parcel Fabric’ at Sri Lanka Survey Department


GIS Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of Just In Time Group, recently conducted a program on ‘Parcel Fabric’ for the Land Information Division ofthe Sri Lanka Survey department (SLSD), which took place on March 24th2015, at the SLSD Auditorium. Among the participants present were; The Deputy Surveyor General, Superintendent of Surveys, Government Surveyors and Draughtsman Thillai Nadarajan, a GIS Consultant at GIS Solutions (Pvt) Ltd,presented the functionality of ‘Parcel Fabric’by demonstratingthe fundamental facilitieswhichcreates and maintains theLand Information System (LIS)in the Enterprise Geo-database space (of the ArcGIS Platform). Benefits such as;themultiuser editing capability function and storage of information on any Relational Database Management System(RDBMS)such as; Oracle, SQL server, Informix, IBM DB2 or Postgre SQL, etc. The Parcel Fabric tool is especially valuable to the SLSD as they are in the migration process to manage the existing and projected data to be surveyed to cover the entire country.

SLSD ‘s commitment to develop their department members’ professional skills through utilizing technology has been a key factor to their advancement in the field of GIS in Sri Lanka.

Ashani Jayasinghe, CEO of GIS Solutions (Pvt) Ltd shares, "Due to the success of this event , we will be structuring this as part one of an on-going knowledge share series on theArcGIS platformfunctionalities for the SLSD. We conduct such programs at our clients’ location and in-house, as we are committed in ensuringthe use of ArcGIS Software platform to its full potential whilst getting maximum return on investment".

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