CMC spends millions per day to collect garbage - Kamil

By Azra Ameen and Pabodha Hettige

The Colombo Municipal Council spends millions of rupees a day on garbage collection, Chief City Administrator Omar Kamil told The Island yesterday. He said "the Sri Jayawaredenepura MC belongs to the Kotte electorate. The cost of collection of garbage in the area is Rs. 320,000 per day. To collect the garbage in six electorates the CMC has to spend six times that. Along with the costs for dumping the total cost to collect garbage comes up to 2.1 million."

The CMC also has to spend a huge sum of money on vehicles used to transport garbage and on the salaries of the large CMC staff that usually do a few trips per day to the same place to collect garbage, he said. "The CMC staff collects garbage on a house to house basis. They also collect garbage on Galle road and in Dematagoda twice and thrice per day respectively," Kamil said.

The CMC comprise six electorates and the population in those areas is higher than any other electorate in the country.

To collect garbage in the Dehiwala- Mount Lavinia MC area costs Rs.604,181 per day, he said.

Cleanliness and the hygienic status in Colombo are far more superior to that of Dehiwala and Sri Jayawaredenepura. To give this superior service the CMC has to spend a large sum of money, he said.

Responding to a query he said that the CMC generates money to collect garbage through its own resources.

"The money is generated from the citizenry by levying property rates and taxes," he said.

The garbage collection process is done by the CMC and it is also outsourced to few private contractors.

"Collecting garbage in three electorates is done by the CMC and the rest is managed by the private sector. Nearly 750 tonnes of garbage is collected per day and it is disposed at a site in Kolonnawa in an environmentally friendly manner," he said.

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