Pottery no longer a  viable industry

Text and picture by Ranaweera Manukulasooriya, Gokarella Corr.

Nearly sixty pottery craftsmen in the Thiththawella village in the Ganewatta D.S. division are faced with the difficulty of marketing their products.

Pottery has become a dead art as these craftsmen find it difficult to make ends meet. They complain that sales of their products did not even cover the cost of production.

E. Wijedasa (56) said he could not make ends meet as there were no regular sales.

"We have to transport clay from Hettigama, about six miles away from our village. We have to pay about Rs. 1,800 for a tractor load of clay. A load of coconut husks is Rs. 1,000. When one takes expenses into account, pottery is no longer an affordable industry. Also, we are faced with great difficulties in selling our pots at a reasonable price. Aluminium ware is available in plenty in the market. Most of the people buy them instead of clay pots. This has become a great threat to our craft," he said.

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