Eran: Don’t elect lawbreakers


Deputy Minister of Highways and Investment Promotion Eran Wickramaratne said on Saturday that there were many MPs who owned liquor shops, engaged in drug dealing and illicit businesses though they had not yet been brought to justice.

Addressing a media conference at UNP headquarters, Sirikotha, on Saturday, the Deputy Minister said that many members in current parliament were not suitable to be called representatives of people because they engaged in many anti-social businesses to earn money.

"Most of them have not been hauled up before courts or thrown behind bars, but we know who they are and the people are well aware of their illegal activities. We call upon people to reject such persons at future elections."

The deputy minister said that a code of conduct for the MPs had been a long felt need. "People should elect those who have qualifications to make laws, which is the primary business of Parliament. One can imagine what will be the result when that place is infested with lawbreakers," the UNP National List MP said.

The deputy minister also said that when it was first proposed to introduce a code of conduct for MPs, he was under the impression that such ethical guideline would be for the new MPs. "But now I now it is needed most for senior MPs. There are many running drug cartels, using unlicensed fire arms, engaging in many nefarious activities abusing their perks privileges t It is high time people rejected such anti-social elements."

Deputy Minister Wickramaratne called upon electors to make informed decisions when they exercised their franchise.

"People should elect educated, decent persons so that the country would be a better place. The new MPs should have at least a university degree or equivalent qualifications. In case of old MPs we call upon people not to vote for those who utter obscenities in Parliament," the deputy minister said.

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