Move to bring all broadband service providers under single network

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

Information and Telecommunication Agency (ICTA) was in a process of developing a core system to bring all broadband service providers under one network to make ‘free Wi-Fi’ facility user friendly and easy to access via one user-name and one password, ICTA Information Infrastructure Programme Manager Gavaskar Subramaniam said yesterday.

He told The Island that the current free Wi-Fi users had to create separate user names and passwords to register with broadband service providers as different locations were operated by different service providers.

The core system would be ready by July this year, he added.

There were Lankacom, Mobitel, Dialog, Sri Lanka Telecom, Lankabell and Etisalat as telecommunication operators working with ICTA and, therefore, the users had to register separately in each one of them when they were using separate locations, Subramaniam said.

By developing a core system the users were not required to register over and over again, he added.

However, asked about the total number of users registered with the free Wi-Fi facility so far, Subramanian said that it was too early to extract the number of registered users from service operators.

"After developing the core system, it would be able to get the total number," he added.

Currently free Wi-Fi facility is available at 102 locations countrywide and plans are underway to extend the facility to more than 1000 locations in the country, according to the government.

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