Mayor promises stern action after tragedy

By Norman Palihawadana

The deaths of the three employees of a bakery/restaurant who died of suffocation on Monday following a gas cylinder explosion could have been averted if there had been a window or a door said Colombo Mayor M.J.M. Muzammil.

When thick black smoke enveloped the building where the bakery functioned, the three victims had moved into a toilet to escape the smoke and were suffocated to death.

The Mayor said it was an unauthorised building constructed without approval from the CMC and it had been there for many years.

The building had been constructed on the pretext of using for some association.

At the time of the incident there were 10 gas cylinders lying in a corner of the building without taking any safety precautions, the Mayor pointed out.

Stern action would be taken against those responsible for operating the bakery, he said.

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