SL doc wins international award for inventing wound monitor


By Don Asoka Wijewardena

A Sri Lankan doctor Kahaduwa Archchige Thusitha Dharshana Kahaduwa has won an International Award from the Geneva International Competition for inventing a Diabetic Wounds Monitor called Footie.

Dr. Kahatuduwa, contacted for comment, told The Island that around 300,000 people were suffering from diabetes in Sri Lanka. About 15% of them were affected by foot wounds and about 2% had to undergo leg amputations.

He pointed out that when a diabetic patient had a wound on a foot the condition of that patient could not be properly diagnosed. On many occasions the patient’s foot wound was full of pus and a sound neurological assessment of the patient could not be done. But, the new machine Footie was capable of diagnosing the condition of any wound and the doctors could give the patient required timely medical attention to cure the wound, Dr. Kahaduwa said.

The award winning doctor stressed that he had never expected his innovation would receive international recognition.

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