Even those who plucked young coconuts in our garden have turned against me

Former President Rajapaksa:


By Norman Palihawadana

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday said that those who had plucked young coconuts from his garden, too, had turned against him. "I tried to live a quiet life but they won’t let me," he said, "now, I’m ready to take them on."

He alleged that those who had benefited from him were now carrying out a mudslinging campaign against him and his family. Striking a defiant note, the former President said such hostility had left him with no alternative but to re-enter politics.

Rajapaksa said that so many of his friends and well-wishers visited him everyday to pledge solidarity with him. "That is why I went out to see the people who had gathered to support e in Matara," he said.

The President said he no longer believed in astrology. "Today, I am a good topic for cartoonists. I enjoy their work. Artistes and media personalities are all friendly with me. He commended the media for balanced reporting.

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