Devananda says truth has dawned on the TNA regarding good governance


By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which helped the UNP topple the Rajapaksa government, had admitted that the promise of good governance had not been honoured, EPDP Leader MP Douglas Devananda said.

He told the media in Colombo on Thursday that it seemed that the TNA-UNP secret pact had not worked as planned.

Commenting on the proposed 20 Amendment to the Constitution, former Minister Devananda said that his party was of the opinion that the existing electoral system should continue for some time to assist the war affected in the North and East and upgrade their living standards.

Meanwhile, Democratic Left Front Leader MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara said all communities had got together with the local friends and alliances of the USA, the UNP, TNA, SLMC and other elements to defeat President Rajapaksa  without realising that the biggest threat to Sri Lanka and the world peace was America’s neo colonialism.

MP Nanayakkara also noted that the 20th Amendment was something that would make the elections system more democratic, but the UNP government was making things difficult in order to prevent it from being passed in Parliament.

Increasing the number of seats in the parliament to 225 was justifiable as there had been an increase in population, he said.

Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) Leader and MP Prof. Tissa Vitharana said that during the last presidential election, the UPFA had won 91 electorates while UNP won only 67 electorates.

He stressed the need for introducing two ballot papers per voter under the new electoral system to enable people to vote for the political parties and candidates of their choice.

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