Alarming rise in certain cancers blamed on food taste enhancer


Deputy Director Maharagama Cancer Institute Dr. Wasantha Dissanayaka yesterday warned that cancer had been spreading among fast food lovers because of Mono Sodium Glutamate used as a taste enhancer.

 Dr. Dissanayaka said there had been an alarming rise in ovarian, pancreatic, prostrate, skin, stomach and thyroid cancers reported to MCI since the advent of fast food outlets throughout the country.

The government must commence effective awareness campaigns among the people, especially children as the latter had got addicted unhealthy food, he said.

 The Deputy Director MCI disclosed that it had been scientifically proven that mono sodium glutamate and artificial flavourings added to food items also caused bone diseases, heart attacks and chest pains in humans.

 Dr. Dissanayaka said that the banning of glyphosate was a long-felt necessity because it caused chronic renal failure. It was absolutely essential to totally ban all harmful agrochemicals.

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