Friday’s dissolution won’t save UNP

Treasury bond issue:


By Shamindra Ferdinando

Former UPFA Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris yesterday warned the UNP that the truth with regard to the Treasury bond issue couldn’t be swept under the carpet by dissolving Parliament.

The UNP wouldn’t be able to suppress the findings made by a special parliamentary committee that investigated the alleged fraud for over a month, Prof. Peiris asserted.

The former External Affairs Minister was addressing SLFP Kesbewa Balamandalaya yesterday on the invitation of former MP Gamini Lokuge.

The ex-parliamentarian recalled him moving a no-faith motion against Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran in Parliament several weeks before the dissolution. Peiris said altogether, 88 members had signed that motion whereas two of the charges directed at Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe related to the bond scandal.

The electorate was fully aware of the so-called yahapalanaya administration causing irreparable damage to the national economy, he said.

Prof. Peiris alleged that the dissolution was meant to shield the UNP. The UNP lacked the strength to face several no-faith motions moved against the party, hence sought dissolution.

The former law professor recalled the circumstances under which a no-faith motion moved against him by the UNP during the last parliament was defeated with a majority of over 100 votes. "When, they called for a no-confidence motion against me, I requested parliament to expedite the process. In fact, it was perhaps the motion which was debated soonest after being entered in the order book."

Referring to a statement attributed to Health Minister and cabinet spokesperson Dr. Rajitha Senaratne that the parliament wouldn’t be dissolved until the passage of the 20 Amendment to the Constitution, Prof. Peiris alleged the government caused confusion and uncertainty. The administration obviously couldn’t speak in one voice and continuously misled the country.

The controversy over Colombo Port City was another case in point, Prof. Peiris, said, pointing out varying statements made by various government spokespersons as regards the Chinese-funded project. Alleging that the entire country was in a state of disarray, Prof. Peiris described the situation as a cauldron of confusion. The situation was so bad, public officials now hesitate to take decisions, the former MP said. The forthcoming parliamentary election would give the electorate an opportunity to elect a stable government to ensure continuity of pro-people projects launched by the previous UPFA administration.  


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