Big or small – all parties will be invited to join political Front

To honor unfulfilled ‘Maithri rule’ pledges


Stressing on the need for a broad political Front to honor the unfulfilled pledges flowing from ‘Maithri rule’, Power and Energy Minister, Patali Champika Ranawaka said that political parties, whether big or small, will be invited to join the common movement to forge ahead with the good governance policies and bring about the meaningful change people anticipated through their mandate on January 8.

Nobody will be allowed to reverse the democratic transformation set in motion following the last presidential poll. The time is now opportune to join hands to make the pledge of righteous rule a reality, the Minister told a public meeting at Avissawella yesterday.

"Some people question us on what we achieved during the 100-day program. The Power Ministry was earlier debt ridden and depended on Treasury bail outs. Today, it has been transformed into an independent institution which pushes ahead on its own steam without recourse to public funds for its sustenance", Ranawaka noted.

"Within a one-year timeframe, we are optimistic of converting the Petroleum Corporation also into an independent, self-financed institution. Gone are the days when fuel was supplied to friends and relatives on favoritism", he said.

The Minister said that by cancelling three tenders and bringing the Corporation to a competitive level alone had saved the government Rs. 500 million. Closing down the power plants of racketeers – the mafia in the power sector – had saved another stupendous Rs. 3.6 billion.

Abolishing the duty on petrol, diesel and kerosene translated into ‘relief’ amounting to Rs. 16,000 to every family, Ranawaka noted. "Our Ministry has offered the biggest relief package to the masses".


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