A bridge to destroy Sri Lanka


Some new Indian imperialists, dreaming of India as a Super Power, and in the mould of Pannikar (who suggested the Lanka and Burma be a part of greater India; and had India seize Sikkim and transform Bhutan into a vassal State, have suggested that a bridge be built across the Palk Strait to physically link our two countries.

Such a bridge to physically connect us to India will end our being an island since time immemorial. Some well meaning people in our country would no doubt be thinking of the economic benefits that would accrue and of how trade would grow and investment would increase, but when one thinks long term and of our very existence as a separate country these economic benefits pale into insignificance.

If this idea is pursued and is ever agreed to, it could result in a huge disaster for it would be over the dead bodies of many Sri Lankans; yes some of us WILL set fire to ourselves on the day such a project is agreed to by our government for it would be a criminal operation, the world will then know of how we feel about this despicable project.

The project was first conceived of by Ranil Wickremesinghe in 2002 when he was PM under President Chandrika Kumaratunga; his father, Esmond and uncle, Bishop Lakshman, both great patriots, would be turning in their graves if they knew about the project which would have paved the way for the greater Eelam if President Kumaratunga had not sacked the Wickremesinghe government in 2004.

I do not think that this government (which appears to be under the PM’s thumb), would have studied the long term implications of this project particularly in the context of Tamil Nadu which today eyes the annexation of the North of our country, the East, with strategic Trincomalee and the hill country.

We MUST head off these new imperialists in disguise. We must never allow this, to come to pass, for, with time, we could become a State of Superpower India, and no country, not the US or China would be able to rescue us or prevent it, for they would think in terms of their interests not ours. If Ranil does not prevent this it could also mean the end of his political career; yes if this project goes through it would be over the dead bodies of many of us who feel for our country.

K Godage

Former Ambassador

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