Chinese businesses invited to set up manufacturing units

Sri Lanka invited Chinese businesses to come and set up manufacturing units in the Island nation by forming joint ventures with the local partners.

This invitation was made by the President of the Sri Lanka - China Business Council of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Navindra Abeysekera, when he chaired a networking session held between a group of visiting Chinese businessmen and Sri Lankan businesses.

The delegation from the Guangdong Province in China met with the local counterparts at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, recently where they discussed potential business opportunities existing in either side.

Speaking further during the event, Abeysekera said, setting up plants in Sri Lanka will help Chinese manufactures avoid the high cost of manufacturing, currently experienced in China.

The Chinese delegation was headed by the Mr. GuoYuanqiang, Director General of the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province in China. He said, Gunagdong Province is looking to attract increased foreign investments to the country as there is a heavy demand for industrial activity in the region. - (CCC)

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