Intra-party rivalry gets ugly

By Madura Ranwala

Hate politics among the same party candidates is becoming predominant in some parties, Executive Director, CaFFE, Rajith Tennakoon told The Island yesterday.

 He said, "Some candidates have launched a campaign against their own party colleagues asking the public not to vote for them through the use of Face Book, SMS and they insult each other."

 The ultimate result of that kind of campaigning would be a possible clash leading to violence and therefore party leaders should take tangible action to stop that menace, Tennakoon said.

 The CaFFE ED also said, "Tamil National Alliance (TNA) National List nominee Prof S. Sitampalam held a meeting at the Jaffna Technical College on July 20 at 12.30pm. He was invited by the Director of the College, N. Yogarajan and Sitampalam toured the College for over one hour carrying out propaganda activities."

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