SL Muslims condemn ISIS

by Ifham Nizam

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) together with other Muslim organisations yesterday strongly condemned those backing the ISIS or any other extremist organisation.

 "We do not condone any person or organisation that engages in extremism in any form," ACJU President Mufthi M. I. M. Rizwie said.

He said an awareness campaign would be launched today and all Sri Lankan mosques would address the issue of terrorism at the Jumma Prayers.

 The ACJU President said: "We strongly call upon the government to take action against any individual involved in any form of extremism. We also offer our fullest support and co-operation to all government agencies to identify such anti-social and criminal elements in order to eliminate this menace from our motherland."

 Responding to questions, he said there was a lacuna in law as regards religious issues. He stressed that on their part they would go all out to raise public awareness of the danger of terrorism and extremism.

 He requested the media to act responsibly. "We urge them to refrain from sensationalizing such issues and help promote peaceful co-existence among all communities in Sri Lanka," Mufthi Rizwie.

 "We Muslims have over the centuries, demonstrated our patriotism and loyalty to Sri Lanka. We affirm that we will not act in any manner that is detrimental to our Motherland."

Number of representatives of the main Muslim Organizations in Sri Lanka were present to spell out their stance against extremism

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU), Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL), Sri Lanka Jamat e Islami (SLJI), Jama’athus Salama (MFCD), Jamiyyathus Shabab (AMYS) Al-Muslimath International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO),World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), All Ceylon YMMA Conference (YMMA) Thableegh Jama’ath. All Ceylon Thowheedh Jama’ath (ACTJ) and Colombo District Masjid Federation (CDMF) were the organizations present at yesterday’s conference.

Moulavi, Ash Sheikh Fazil, said that Islam was a religion of mercy for all humanity. It was the fountainhead of Eternal Peace, Tranquility, Security and Brotherhood. Islam attached such value to human life that it equated the killing of a single being unlawfully with the killing of the entire human race without differentiation based on creed or caste. "Its teachings of peace and brotherhood encompass all humanity. Islam teaches us to treat all mankind with equality, mercy, tolerance and justice. Islam sternly condemns all kinds of oppression, violence and extremism. It regards oppression, mischief, rioting and murders amongst the severest sins and crimes".

 He said that IS (ISIS) was a violent extremist organisation which acted against the fundamental teachings of Islam. It was an absolute deviant organization which operated against all the principles and tenets of Islam.

"Unfortunately, the word ‘Jihad’ has been misinterpreted by the Western media to mean killing or waging unjust wars. Any organisation that kills innocent people under the guise of Jihad, it is totally outside the pale of Islam. We endorse the booklet published by the ACJU which explains the correct spiritual concept of Jihad based on authentic Islamic religious texts."

The ACJU has branded the ISIS as an un-Islamic and extremist organisation, in an informative broadcast through the SLBC on July 6, 2014 and the statement issued to the media on August 30, 2014. Subsequently, several International Islamic Institutions and countries have condemned the ISIS as an extremist organisation engaged in acts contrary to Islamic teachings.

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